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6 Piece Rod with Cordura Tube
EXP stands for Expedition and these multi piece spinning rods have been developed for the travelling angler.
The actions are similar to the four piece versions without flat spots and the strength of the blank has been tested in tough situations as far away as New Zealand.

Available sizes = 8ft 10-25g, 9ft 6in 12-30g, 10ft 6in 15-35g

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The Whisker name has a popular following. Designed to cover the multitude of fishing styles, across lure and bait with monofil or braid the Whisker rods feature an early tip action that meets a powerful yet forgiving blank.
RRP £135.00
£130.00 / unit(s) *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

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4 Piece Rod with Cordura Tube
Rods that perfectly suited to freshwater spinning.
The shorter 7ft and 8ft rods will be great for small spinners and plugs for trout and perch.
The 9ft, 10ft, 11ft rods will find favour with both salmon and pike anglers using larger spinners, plugs and hardbaits.
We have matched the perfect action and casting weights to each of these rods.

Available sizes = 7ft 2-15g, 8ft 10-25g, 9ft 12-30g, 10ft 15-35g, 11ft 2-40g

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Compact series of game spinning rods that complement the Sigma fly rods.

As with the fly rods these rods are supplied in a cordura tube and represent amazing value at this price point.

These rods are perfect for spinning on rivers and lakes for pike, trout and salmon.

Due to their versitile actions and casting weights the 9 and 10ft versions are also suitable for spinning in the sea.

Available sizes = 8ft 10-25g, 9ft 10-30g, 10ft 20-60g

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