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Additives & Flavourings

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A favourite for bream over many years, Brasem is most effective when added to mixed groundbait in small doses.

Also available, Vanille similar to Brasem but with a more subtle aroma.

Quantity per bag = 250g


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Flavours available = Liquid Worm, Liquid Betaine Pellet, Liquid Halibut Pellet, Liquid Sweet Molasses, Liquid Strawberry, Liquid Scopex, Liquid Brasem, Liquid Pineapple.


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Delivery weight: 400 g

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The ultimate predator liquid attractor.
For use on all baits: strong smelling, blood red.
Suitable for flavouring/colouring deadbaits when pike fishing and creating a cloud when coarse fishing.

Quantity = 250ml

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